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XMR (Monero) is a popular cryptocurrency that prioritizes the anonymity of transactions. Unlike digital currencies like Bitcoin, which are transparent, Monero runs on a blockchain with increased privacy. However, like other cryptocurrencies, it is based on open-source and community-driven development. Most merchants use it because it allows private transactions between people in minutes. Originally, the coin was intended to be used as money, but with multiple layers of privacy tools to hide each layer of transactions from trading parties. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts find it easy and convenient to use Monero, thanks to regular upgrades in privacy, network, and security features.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized computer network that has many uses. Ethereum is a smart contract platform. Although Ethereum allows developers to create new decentralized applications, it is often held as a store of value by investors due to its potential to rise in price. Ethereum is powered by the idea of having smart contracts to eliminate the need for third parties, and peer-to-peer lending has gained popularity on Ethereum while allowing for direct transactions.

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XMR to ETH exchange rate

The current exchange rate of 1 Monero to Ethereum is 0.1115 ETH. Monero to Ethereum quotes are accurate and updated every few seconds. There are no limits for our XMR to ETH converter, so use ChangeNow no matter how many coins you need to exchange!

How to exchange XMR to ETH

Here are some hints how the exchange of XMR to ETH works in our platform:

Pick a crypto pair from a wide selection of digital currencies available while maintaining the hottest exchange rates

Determine the price that suits your project well. In addition to fixed prices, you can also determine changing prices according to your preferences.

Type in the wallet address. This is used to transfer the brand new currency once the exchange is complete.

Make sure you have the absolute amount relevant to the exchange, and send cryptocurrencies to the wallet address you can find on your PC.

Your cryptocurrency has been successfully exchanged! Check your digital wallet to find your newly acquired coin.

Exchange calculator

Before you start trading coins, use our Monero To Ethereum calculator to see how much ETH you will get. Simply enter the required amount in XMR and let our XMR to ETH converter determine the approximate exchange rate.