@Y2KBags Will Satisfy Your Nostalgia for Noughties Purses


Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Part of the charm behind @Y2KBags is that Alejandro has curated a collection of photos that capture the crazed tabloid culture of the time. He includes snaps of celebrities carrying these It bags that recall the undressed, makeup-free style of the“Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” pages as well as highly staged paparazzi moments from the era. In one picture, we see a cargo shorts-and-sandal-wearing Marc Jacobs sitting on a sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, sitting next to a hulking army green Birkin. A few slides later, there is Spencer Pratt feeding strawberries to Heidi Montag, who is carrying a metallic Fendi Spy bag. 

Of course, purses are still a crucial part of celebrity style now, whether a megawatt star chooses to carry a fresh-from-the-runway Bottega Veneta Sardine bag, an affordable JW Pei piece, or a massive Birkin. But the early and mid-’00s for bags remain undefeated years in this realm. It was the era of buzzy collaborations between artist Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton, early must-have It bags like the Stam from Marc Jacobs, and the monogrammed John Galliano–designed Dior Saddle bags that are still coveted today. 

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