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On this episode of Game On, streamer Melonie Mac is dropping her game snacking tips

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- What's up, everyone? My name is Steph. And welcome to "In the Know, Game On," where we'll delve into the hottest trends in gaming across multiple platforms and products. It's super important to nourish and energize yourself with quality snacks and drinks, especially when in a gaming session. Today we're talking about some of our favorite foods and drinks to snack on while we're in that gaming zone. We're joined by Melonie Mac, Twitch streamer and gamer known for her anime, gaming, unboxing, and tech related content. Welcome, Melonie.

MELONIE MAC: Hi. Thank you so much for having me.

- Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you got into gaming?

MELONIE MAC: Gaming has always been a big part of my life. My dad, he's always been into comics, Godzilla, so started out on the really old school consoles, like NES, Sega Genesis, and then I've been in the gaming content creation space for 13 years now, so quite a long time.

- Wow. What has the evolution been like since all the way from 13 years ago to now?

MELONIE MAC: Oh, it's completely different because back 13 years ago, people weren't making a living being influencers or content creators or anything like that. And as it's kept progressing over time and more people enjoy watching that, now it's flourished a lot of careers for a lot of people. So it's been a fun ride and a very pleasant surprise.

- Melonie, what are some of the games you play. And what's your battle station look like?

MELONIE MAC: I'm really big into single player games. Some of my favorite franchises of all time are "Tomb Raider," especially the old school classic "Tomb Raider." These days, especially, I've taken a look back more at the PS1, PS2 era of gaming because that's my all time favorite. So I've kind of been--

- Classics.

MELONIE MAC: --delving into some classics more lately.

- Do you have any favorite gaming snacks?

MELONIE MAC: I actually eat more of a ketogenic style diet. So a lot of my snacks are just cheese sticks, pepperoni, meat crisps, like, dehydrated meat crisps, so they are the texture of chips. I like to drink G Fuel a lot that doesn't have any sugar in it, so I won't kick me out of ketosis, but I'm still getting that nice, sweet flavor that I like to have, so just finding that balance, just whatever is good and that you can stick to.

- It's not easy snacking and playing at the same time. It could get really messy. Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to that?

MELONIE MAC: If you're playing a competitive game, sometimes you've got to wait between lobbies, between games, go ahead, get your snack time in there. Or if you're playing a single player game, that might be a good reward for you after you get to a save point, all right.

- Melonie, where can we go to find more information on you or maybe some of your content? Where can we catch it?

MELONIE MAC: You can catch me all over the internet @MelonieMac. I'm pretty much on every single social media platform under Melonie Mac. I also have a secondary channel on YouTube called Melonie Ma Go Boom, where I post more social commentary, opinions on like gaming, nerd culture, all that. So yeah, that's where you can find me.

- Melonie, thank you so much for joining us today. It was really a pleasure learning about snacks and just talking with you.

MELONIE MAC: Thank you so much. I had a blast.

- I'm Steph. And this is "In the Know, Game On." I'll see you guys in the next episode.



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