Hailey Bieber’s Gym Look Is Right Out of Princess Di’s Playbook


Yesterday in Los Angeles, Hailey Bieber was spotted at a Pilates class with friend Kendall Jenner in tow. The two models wore chic athleisure looks, and Bieber’s outfit seemed particularly familiar. Taking cues from Princess Diana, she recreated one of the late royal’s signature casual styling moves.

If you’re a follower of Princess Di’s style, you’ll know that some of her most iconic outfits are the big sweaters and bike shorts that she was often paparazzi’d in while running errands or heading to the gym (her go-to sweaters included ones from Harvard and Northwestern). Often punctuated with chunky running shoes and thick white socks, the looks were always comfy, yet still put-together. Bieber nailed the vibe with her own gray sweatshirt and bike shorts this weekend, finishing it off with a Nike dad cap, a sleek leather shoulder bag, and black lace-up runners. 

It’s not the first time Bieber has paid homage to Princess Diana. In 2019, she wore a similar ensemble including an oversized Vetements sweater and leggings; That same year, she also starred in a Vogue Paris editorial in which she also recreated the late royal’s athleisure looks. Clearly, Di is on Bieber’s mood board—and it suits her well. 

Get Bieber’s retro-athleisure look, below. 

Wardrobe.NYC x Hailey Bieber oversized cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Nike H86 cotton twill adjustable hat

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