Antwi H10 electric scooter review: snazzy-looking e-scooter for urban flats


Antwi H10: One-minute review

The Antwi H10 is a quirky electric scooter from London-based Antwi, a newcomer in the electric scooter market. It features a 300W motor that provides enough power to take you from A to B quickly, especially if A and B aren’t from each other. Said motor isn’t the most powerful on the market, and it might struggle to get you up hills. 

Thanks to its foldability, the Antwi H10 can be carried around easier than full-size scooters, making it all the more ideal for commuting. The ambient light under the deck not only looks fun, but when combined with the bright front and rear lights, it ensures you’re always visible on the road, no matter the light conditions. The puncture-free tyres provide a firmer ride, but in return, you don’t have to worry about getting a flat when you’re out and about.


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